Qualify for your 2014 PQRS bonus
in just 4 easy steps!

The Diabetes PQRS Initiative for 2014 allows you to use your data from this MOC activity to also report your PQRS information.

If you have any questions about completing your 2014 Diabetes PQRS reporting using this tool, please feel free to contact us either via email at pqri-support@healthmonix.com or by phone at 610-590-2229.

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Designed by and for busy, practicing clinicians, this registry-based* PQRS tool guides you through PQRI using the charts of w0 patients with diabetes.

With just 4 simple steps - and only a couple of hours - you can become eligible for the CMS 2014 pay-for-reporting PQRS bonus. And in the process, you’ll begin to understand how a registry-based data collection can empower you to improve your patient care and outcomes in coming months and years.


  • Bonus payment to you of 0.5% of all of your Medicare Part B charges in 2014 and avoid a penalty of 2% in 2016.
    - Registry-reporting (our method) has a 99% success rate*
  • Build a foundation for next year’s practice and performance improvement


  • 2 to 3 hours of your time
  • Challenge of thinking about your patients and practice in new ways

This initiative is part of a larger performance improvement continuing medical education activity that will be launched in 2010 as part of UPenn CME / BestPractice CPD.

UPenn CME / BestPractice CPD is supported in part by educational grants from Genentech, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly USA LLC, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.

PQRS Details

Diabetes Performance Improvement PQRS!

UPenn CME / BestPractice CPD makes PQRS easy and practical for busy practicing clinicians. This interactive web-based system guides you through PQRS using a series of questions related directly to evidence-based quality indicators in Diabetes. While you learn the PQRS process, you’ll qualify for a bonus from CMS AND begin the first step toward improving your practice of patient-centered diabetes care.

What You Need to Get Started

  1. A valid NPI number used to submit CMS claims

  2. A valid TIN/EIN number used by the IRS. You must also sign a waiver (on-line) that allows us to submit abstracted summarized data on your behalf.

  3. Charts for 20 patients with a diagnosis of diabetes that were seen in your practice between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Eleven of those must be Medicare Part B FFS patients.