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    Turning Data Into Knowledge,
    Knowledge Into Improvement

    Yesterday, we figured out how to capture and store important patient and practice information. Today, we’re answering the question: "How can we use it to improve the quality of healthcare?"

  • Quality Improvement

    Quality Improvement

    Best practices produce the best outcomes. From simple but effective interventions to state-of-the-art performance improvement solutions, NetHealth’s emphasis on user-experience increases participation, follow through and completion.

  • Continuing Medical Education

    Enhanced Medical Education

    Medicine is an evolving discipline that is reliably challenged through new discoveries and improved best practices; but it doesn’t have to be frustrating! Our field-tested blend of proven solutions, enhanced by adult learning and educational best practices and game theory, create an experience that is both highly educational and often pleasant… dare we say enjoyable?!

  • Technology - Custom Solutions


    Why wait? Our cloud-based (online) solutions are available instantly via mobile applications and provide real-time reports for administrators.

Successful approaches to Performance and Quality Improvement call for careful analytics, integrating the right questions to determine specific systems and practice gaps as well as barriers to change, along with personalized interventions and implementation strategy support.

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Experience is the best teacher in medicine. And it’s now possible to gain valuable experience outside of the clinical setting. The modern generation of learners is extremely technologically sophisticated and expects both high quality visuals and immersive, game-play interaction.

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NetHealth’s PI-CME, SAM, LMS, PQRS, Patient / Peer surveys, Education Tracking and Evaluation, and Outcomes Analysis tools are customized and can be combined or augmented with your existing content for a powerful approach to learning, evaluation and quality improvement.

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What are people saying about NetHealth?

  • We have partnered with NetHealth on several large CME projects since 2008. They are true professionals, an absolute pleasure to work with, and will strengthen any project they get involved with. Their expertise and experience in delivering flexible performance and quality improvement web-based solutions as well as other e-learning applications is commendable.
  • The NetHealth team is thorough in its technological designs. They are also knowledgeable about stakeholder relationships and responsive to changing needs.
  • I have worked with NetHealth for many years on at least six major projects. Their work is impeccable. They are timely, thorough, excellent, clear and comprehensive. The reason I work with them again and again, though, is that the team an amazing ability to listen and really understand what the needs of the project are. Then NetHealth delivers. It is unusual to find people so able to do such excellent technical work that also communicates in such a superb manner. I love working with NetHealth. I have always been completely satisfied with what they do and how they do it -- always above and beyond anything that is expected. I give NetHealth my highest recommendation and am absolutely assured that what they do will be done effectively and well. NetHealth is terrific.
  • Our numbers exceeded our expectations for all our online programs implemented by NetHealth
  • NetHealth is the only vendor we will use for our online education programs
  • I just wanted to thank you again for not only implementing our new performance measures, but also providing assistance that made it possible for us to complete our reporting. Josh provided very timely responses to our questions and worked to ensure correct data. We could not have completed the report without your help.
  • Josh, we are dancing around and laughing and singing this is so wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
  • I want to compliment you and your colleagues for fine work.
  • I've looked at all of them now and I'm convinced that yours is the best registry. So professional, so simple to use and backed by knowledgeable, personal support. I'm confident that I'll get PQRS reporting right!
  • This is an intuitive interface that gathers just the info you need and nothing more. Whoever put it together had a good understanding of the info needed and how to set it up logically.
  • I recommended this solution to my colleagues and they're signing up too!
  • FYI, we did get a nice check from CMS (over $20,000!) so it is well worthwhile.
  • "I didn't know that I could have it any better. Somebody needs to let others know about all of the benefits of PQRSPRO!"
  • About 80% of our patient populate are Medicare, so CMS PQRS program incentives have been very lucrative for us.
  • We used a popular, more expensive PQRS Registry last year and had issues with the website but could not get anyone on the phone and had to leave voicemail and follow-up with an email.  For the money that we paid, they should have better customer service. PQRSPRO customer service is a Rolls Royce compared to the Volkswagen I experienced last year. When I called, I spoke to someone right away!
  • The PQRSPRO Registry system was easier to use than the other one.  Chart abstraction was simple and easy to understand and all measure questions were asked at once.  The other system made me wait for a prompt to move on once I answered one question - a much slower process.
  • The cost of PQRSPRO is much more reasonable than any other!
  • The final measure report was great and will also be useful for submitting to our malpractice insurance carrier to qualify for a discounted premium rate.
  • Users reported receiving up to $70,000 from participation in 2010 via our system.
  • We are very happy with you and your company. Thank you for all of you efforts.
  • After trying for a couple years to receive the bonus, we finally received it this year using your system
  • Your support has been awesome!
  • I wish we would've known about you three years ago! This was a breeze!
  • We are very satisfied with your process and service and confident that our practice will benefit from the incentive and avoid the penalties.

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